The City of Lowell has created a new report for Development and Zoning. 

The report states that there is need for new zoning to allow for housing so that more people and families can be brought into our city and so that "homelessness can be eliminated".

Lets be frank and honest, Lowell has a homelessness issue, however, the cause of homelessness is not from lack of living structures. Agreeably. I believe that we need to be open to the idea of areas of expansion, and discussion of keeping Lowell affordable without depressing the property and equity and safety of our neighborhoods. We need to get this out to our neighbors, friends, and family so that our residents have a open and informed community.


Part of my commitment to our district is to make sure that all the pertinent information that affects our residents is made available to and actively communicated.

Please Read Through this "Report" and lets make sure we all know what we are facing, and let me know what you think and how this will affect our city.